How to become productive?

Hello everyone, for today`s blog post I choose productivity. I am no expert on this but I found a couple of things that work for me. They are very simple and crucial for everyone. You will probably think that they are too obvious, but for me, they wern´t. If you are struggling with productivity check my top seven tips.


Getting enough sleep is very important. Especially for your performance during the day. Good night sleep makes wonders for us. Make sure you get enough rest each night. One thing that helps me with sleep is cold fresh air.

2.Eating right

Food is our fuel and we are what we eat. To be productive, we need energy from food. Some food gives us long-lasting energy and this is the food we need to eat to stay productive. Eating right food is important, especially nowadays when we are always on the go. It is very hard for us to eat right because we are surrounded with all kinds of food. It is very important to eat different types of food from all food groups. The only thing that can help you with that is preparing meals in advance. This saves you time and you can focus on other things.

3.Drinking water

I lot of people is dehydrated and they do not even bother to drink. This is a big mistake, our body needs water to function. The body needs at least 2l each day. When I do not drink enough I am stressed, unproductive, lazy and tired. This are the things I hate and want to avoid. To do that, I drink a big glass of water each morning. This is the best thing you can do. It really works for me, I am not sleepy anymore and I can do more things.

4.Sport and positive mind

Every person needs to include some sport or meditation in their life to stay healthy. Sports has so many benefits for your body and mind. It helps you built your confidence and positive mind. The best place to be active is nature. Be active with your mind and body.


Maybe it is unusual but I noticed that I am much more productive when I have clean hair and body. I just can not focus on anything when I have greasy hair or when I feel unclean. I am not an unclean person I must say that. I love showering it is my favorite part of the day. It really clears my mind and I am like a new person after. It really helps. When I have a clean body I can focus on other things.

6.Planning your day

To be more productive you need to plan your day. Each day chooses top three things you want to accomplish and then do it.

7.Rewarding yourself

This are my top tips. But for the end, I want to tell you the last thing, do not ever forget rewarding yourself. This is the best motivation to stay productive. A reward must be something you love like chocolate or your favorite show, it can be anything. This last

I really hope it was helpful for you, I wish you a productive life. Please share your tips, I would love to hear them.


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