Hacks that i love

Hey everyone, how is your day? Today I decided to write about my favorite hacks.

1.My favorite hack is cleaning sneakers with a nail polish remover, for me, this is a life saver. I have white sneakers, and they are always dirty, so this hack is very convenient for me. It is so easy and fast, all you need is a nail polish remover and cotton.

2.Another hack is a beauty one and it is using baby powder on hair.This hack is perfect for lazy people and for people who washes their hair too often. I have oily hair, and I wash them everyday, I know this is bad, but I hate the oili hair. Now I can skip a day or two, this hack really saves my time and wallet, because dry shampoo can be expensive.

3.Next hack is using Nivea after shaving as a primer.This really works and it is cheaper than a primer. I really love how hydrate my skin feels after this. This hack, is from a YouTuber Nicki’s tutorials and it really works. Every time you are without a primer you can yous this before applying makeup.

4. A good mascara can be reusable. To save some money, you need to buy mascara you love and then reuse wand. This is when you do not want to spend money on an expensive mascara. You can just use the expensive wand with a cheap mascara.

The post is very short because i just want to write something..


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