Teenage years are behind me and I am much smarter and mature now.

We were all teenagers ones and we all did things we regret and things we do not regret. For me, they are now just a memory and good life lesson. I have learned a lot from my mistakes and achievements.



ON the top of my list is faking sickness

I did it, I was basic teenager. This mistake really affected my school experience. I missed a lot of classes and chances to learn. Because of that, I hated school experience even more. You do not only learn in school, you are making memories with your friends. I know that sometimes you just can not study or do your homework but you always have to try.

Always give your best and then let it be.

My advice is to not ever do that just except the concequences. AT LEAST TRY, DO THAT WHEN IT IS EMERGENCY. I did that because I was afraid of bad grades. In reality, I was just too lazy to study. Now I regret all of this and I am trying to be a good student.


NOT believing in myself

I was very insecure and shy person threw my whole schooling. In public, I was the quiet and shies. I was without any confidence. Sometimes I am still like that I guess I need to accept this part of my personality. But now in my twenties, I realized in order to achieve anything I need to believe in myself. You are enough and you can do anything.

TRYING to change

This is the biggest mistake. You should never do that, I should just except myself, find my group of people and enjoy everything. The thing is, this is just a vast of time.

NOT speak out

Like I said I was very shy. I never express my thoughts. This is always a mistake. I was to scared of rejection and afraid of being wrong. I was without any confidence. Because of that i was always doing things i did’t want.

NOT having a goal

When you are young you think you have all the time in the word. But the thing is school years are quickly over and you are left with yourself. You are left without goals, passions, directions, purpose and motivation. It is hard to be in this place, because when you look at your friends who had goals, they are suddenly very ahead of you. Life is not only for school and work. It is also for your passion, you just have to make time. If you are a student you have to make time for studying and for things you find mining fool. Today we spent a lot of time on things that do not bring us long-term happiness.

My advice is you do not have to find your lifetime goal. Your goals will always change and that is fine. The only thing you should do is to find something that brings you joy and relaxes you. For me that is blogging, right now it is still a little bit stressful because of language but I will get there.




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